the replacement


i’ve kind of had an owl thing going on for a while. i think the fever hit me when i saw them in real life for the first time, a few years ago in calgary. these little burrowing owls stole my heart the minute i laid eyes on them.

now the rest of the population has caught the owl bug, too and designers are paying attention. the excitement in finding some unique piece of jewelry, paper or item of clothing depicting one of my wise little feathered friends has lost its luster. in short, they’re everywhere and i need to move on.

can’t beat vintage finds from the second-hand store

i’d be lying if i made it out like that was the only reason i am bidding farewell the nerds of the forest. in fact, i have a better (and valid!) reason.

at first i thought he was teasing when kevin referred to some owl or other as a messenger of death. i laughed and shrugged it off…until the next time. after a few identical incidents, i finally bit and asked what on earth he was talking about. seems that in his iroquois culture owls symbolize exactly that: messengers of death. huh. not so cute.

i don’t think that my boy is seriously bothered by the presence of owls around the house. in fact, when i asked him seriously, he told me as much. but, as they say that there must be some truth to every joke, i think there is a slight unease in him, no matter how casual likes to be about it. it’s his heritage and how he was raised. respect for his culture and his feelings are enough for me to disassemble my collection and adopt these owls out. if you’ve got a thing for ’em, lemme know!

with the owls vacating, there is a gaping spot left open. what am i moving on to now? i don’t know. what i do know is that having a symbol is key. so fun to have something that immediately reminds everyone of you! i’m contemplating apples. any better ideas?


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