everything will reveal itself


like almost every chick i know, i adore the whole tiny devotions concept, product line, experience. i have my mala and i wear it religiously. on days when i forget, i’m a little lost without it. it’s become a part of me.

from their website:

Now what are mala beads you may ask? Mala beads are sacred necklaces that have been worn for thousands of years in traditions of yoga, Buddhism and Hinduism and nearly every other tradition in the world (think Rosary, Worry beads and Tesbih beads). Our mala beads are universaland non denominational and connect their wearers to themselves and the source through their intentions. Each made with 108 (Plus one additional guru stone) beads being a very sacred or auspicious number. Known to bring good luck, good energy, healing, health and fortune to its wearers.

so, what doesn’t sound appealing about that?

choosing your mala is a journey in itself. you could spend all day gazing at the many options and contemplating how each would fit into your life. according to diana, tiny devotions’ founder, the first step to choosing the right mala for you is deciding which are most appealing to you. from there, you can have a peek at what that feature stone symbolizes or is associated with. she held my hand through choosing mine five months ago and i have never second guessed my decision. a white jade mala that is no longer found on the website was the first to catch my eye, though i quickly moved on to the one that i knew in my heart was right, the rose quartz.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, the heart chakra and infinite peace.
This stone of love if purchased for yourself represents SELF LOVE.

i didn’t really recognize what was going on inside me at the time when i placed my order, but i feel so blessed to have made the choice i did. i certainly needed the love, peace and care for my heart and my soul. throughout all that this summer became, my mala became something to gaze at, to make wishes on and to hold on to. as i move through my quest to be softer, i feel as though this invaluable string of beads is guiding me.


it was with great joy that i discovered that the folks at this little company that is a pretty big deal have outdone themselves!

oh my word! don’t those ones just say it all. everything really will reveal itself. it’s like a mantra i have started to learn. the closer i move towards holding the knowledge safe in my hands the further the distance it feels to be traveled. it’s one thing i’m working on, that journey to patience and understanding and confidence.

i once wore a ring upon which words were engraved. live the life it said. it wasn’t as though seeing the ring every day helped me find y motivation, but it was an extremely empowering and inspirational time to look back on.

i believe in the power of words, in choosing the carefully, in living them and making them a part of your every breath. i think i may have found just the right set of beautiful words to move on to.


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  1. I am so glad that I was able to introduce you to this amazing company and that you have had a fantastic experience. My strength and love have guided me with my tiny devotions as the catalyst.

    You deserve to love yourself because you are LOVELY!

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