it still matters which lunchkit you carry


when a sales clerk asks me “do you want/need a bag?” my response is usually “can i see one?” that, of course, is if i don’t already know. for example: regular plastic grocery store bags? no, thanks. starbucks’ paper carrier bags? yes. always. sure, it can be argued that plastic bags are good for taking out the garbage, etc. but isn’t every household already armed with far too many to manage the trash for the rest of eternity? now, the structure of a good shopping bag with handles attached? the function is endless.

here’s my confession: i don’t avoid taking plastic bags for anything to do with the environment or the future state of the planet. it’s all because the last thing i want is the tangled mess that comes from allowing plastic into my kitchen cupboard. i’ve never mastered the art of storing them properly and now the task seems insurmountable. that said, i probably have more reusable bags at once  now than i have ever had plastic in my lifetime.

back to the little handheld gift style bags you pick up from starbucks and other classy joints. they are so handy. use them to class up the return of empty food containers, carry your bedbugs books to the library or send your lover off to work with a healthy lunch. that’s what i’ve been doing the most of lately, packing kevin’s lunch into these bags so that he doesn’t pawn meatball subs off as “lunch” on days when he’s working. (though, sometimes i know he still does.) because they don’t come back as efficiently as they go out, my vast collection has been put to very good use.

here’s something i may or may not have mentioned already: kevin is extremely laid back. i’m not completely uptight, but he balances us out by residing at the opposite end of the scale from me. not much rattles him. that’s why it amuses me to no end to think back to the day when he came home and asked, “babe, do you think you could try to put my lunch in more, uh, masculine bags?”

the prompt for his request:


as he handed that day’s empty lunch bag back to me, i realized where the suggestion was coming from before he went on to explain himself, saying, “i didn’t even know what sephora was.” i laughed a little and asked “did someone at work say something to you?” “yeah. this girl came up to me while i was eating my lunch at my desk and asked me what type of make-up is my favourite.”

truth is, i’d considered that possibility. i had thought that someone might say something to him, but quickly remembered that 1. we’re adults and 2. he works in a professional environment. after i heard second hand that i’d been mocked earlier this year for carrying a whole foods bag (and, yes, i do heart veggies, thankyouverymuch) i should’ve known better. but, it’s a bag. it serves its purpose. i let logic and the concept of functionality get the best of me. (frankly, i understood a little better how my mother must have felt when faced with several “they’re all going to laugh at me!” confrontations when i was a kid.)

anyway, lesson learned. i’ll continue to pack his lunches, but have made a conscious effort to only use the much more manly brown paper. last thing i need is to be responsible for bullying in the workplace.


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  1. Haha! Poor Kevin. Going to work with a lady lunch bag. Geez Carly, get it together. Chris has an actual lunch bag and it is a manly blue and insulated so he doesn’t have any complaints. Perhaps you should invest in one for Kevin so you don’t need to use reusable bags. Something similar to this…

    As for the plastic bags, I actually prefer them to the paper ones for a few reasons. One being it gives us bags to pick up Belle’s poop in the back yard and the other being I find it easier to stuff more groceries in them and carry them. Oh and we use them for our bathroom and bedroom garbage cans. I figure I recycle like a crazy woman so I do enough for the environment. I am just glad I don’t live in Portland since you can’t get the plastic bags anymore.

    Oh and I do have a handy dandy bag holder in the pantry so they are out of my way.

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