birthday bliss


have you ever gotten so excited about a birthday that you couldn’t even sleep? how about one that wasn’t your own? that was my dilemma last weekend. it was kevin’s birthday on sunday, his first since we’ve been together, and i could hardly contain myself. you can ask him, at 3:30am on sunday morning, he shuffled into the living room where i was watching reruns of everybody loves raymond, eating dill pickle chips and trying in vain to blog through my giddiness and asked “what are you doing?” he’s lucky i didn’t shove his gift in his face right then. i mean, technically, it was his birthday. instead, i continued in my self-imposed agony and felt extremely thankful for his eastern contingent of family and friends who (finally!) woke him up with best wishes at around 9am and far earlier than i’d ever have had the chance of succeeding.

there were actually two birthday surprises that tortured me last week. the first took place friday night. i’d informed him much earlier in the month that we’d be having dinner with my folks that night. how he never clued in, i have no idea, but the pure shock on his face when we brought out his cake (leafs, no less) couldn’t have been faked.

now, i will admit, i was a lot little nervous about friday night. you see, he was feeling a little irritated that his outright statements that he didn’t want anything for his birthday were being ignored. he assured me it wasn’t pointed in my direction because, as he put it, i’d laughed and told him i was buying him a present anyway. i was justified because i’d been honest about disrespecting his feelings. huh. when you put it that way, it doesn’t feel so good anymore… but, i digress.

a gift from my folks…quite clearly my mom’s wrapping job and handiwork on the card.

my mom does every crafty thing better than me. she’s such a show off. 😉

i will, however, volunteer that i am responsible for this.
ever seen the results of a maple leaf toaster? now you have.

it seems that a barbecue and tv watching that also happens to include an awful rendition of happy birthday and an ice cream cake is acceptable acknowledgement of a birthday. phew!

come sunday, i’d given him free reign to plan the day; i told him we could do whatever he wanted. a few days after i’d made the statement, he came back to me with an answer. “i know what we’re doing,” he said. “we’re going to aldergrove.” huh. (i think it’s adorable that he is so agreeable and easy to please.) you see, he’d found the location of the kent farm from smallville and we were going to pay it a birthday visit.

but first…yes, i’d given him a few gifts at my folks’ place on friday night, but it didn’t end there. given our recent focus on reducing spending and better money management, i’d been conscious that the dollars would be tight for birthday related spending so i’d saved up and bought the one thing i had been thinking of for months prior to the big day…skates.

 it was even harder to resist handing them over early after he broke a skate on saturday and bellyached about having to repair them instead of getting a new pair. 😀

again…delightfully surprised!


the kent farm

it was pretty beautiful out that way and the autumn colours and fallen leaves made for a wonderful drive. kevin had researched it well enough to have spot on directions at the ready and we found it so easily that we actually drove right past it. fortunately, we didn’t need to go too far to turn around. for those of you who were smallville fans, you may recognize some of the views. for me, a smallville noob, there was little to be familiar with aside from the winding road that runs past the farm.

the fall drive

first look at the farm

the happy birthday boy

barns a plenty

with cats to show

this was my favourite part (i know. totally missing the point, right?)

though, i say this here belatedly, i lived it in every moment of the weekend. happy birthday to the man of my dreams! xoxo


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  1. Love it! Your mom is so damn crafty I could scream!
    I think your gift worked out pretty well and I too would have ignored the no gift request. Although I probably would have agonized over what to get! Great move!

  2. You and your awesome celebration planning makes the rest of us look bad 😉

    I was never able to get in to Smallville but Kevin sure looks giddy about your adventure.

    And by the way, that cake is kick ass.

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