some boys don’t know how to love


let’s be clear on one thing: the title is a line from the chorus of a song on the latest death cab for cutie record and by no means am i referring to my darling partner in this photo and in life. he knows how to do it all. ❤

no. instead, i’m talking about something that is none of my beeswax and completely out of line for me to even comment on. break ups. of the celebrity variety. some of them hit me way harder than others. like justin timberlake and britney spears. or jen aniston and everybody. most recently this:

i am, by no means, starstruck. in fact, i quite often have to ask “who is that?” when celebrity news is blasted over the radio or a somewhat familiar face appears in a film we are watching. i can’t keep track of them all, nor do i want to. however, sometimes, i do know a couple of celebrities. and sometimes i like them enough to cheer on their coupling. and sometimes it hurts me a little when they split.

zooey and ben. how can that go wrong? he’s adoring and she’s adorable. they’re equals on the looks, talent and public persona fronts. how does that not add up?

i don’t even know what bugs me so much about it. who really cares, right? they just seem such a perfect match and i like to imagine them happy together. i think she’s great for her sweetly musical voice and her role as jess. i admire him for his amazing showmanship in studio and on stage.

i really don’t care about celebrity match-ups unless i do. and if i do, i take it too far. for example, i will freely admit that i spent some time contemplating whether or not he knew it was over or had decided to end it a few weeks back when they played their show here in van.

were you hurting, ben? did you know?

life goes on. time heals all. it’s just the end fo that era i will look back on and know that all was right in the world…for them. and any future partners to either of them will never live up to the standards set before them.

i’ll never find another you


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