i’m thrilled to welcome in not just another month, but my favourite month of all. with the halloween decorations already put away and thanksgiving well behind us, this month is pretty low maintenance. it gives us a chance to rest before december brings its flurry of activity and before we know it we’re onto a new year. yes, november arrives and asks for so little. it’s high time we had a month like that, but we’ll see how long it stays that way. just the other day, kevin turned to me and said “you know, for a month when we were supposed to be slowing down, we sure did a lot in october.” he’s right. we were supposed to be taking things easy. instead…

…we welcomed in hockey season (that’s kevin in green!)

…we took off to visit with dear friends and take in some seahawks football

…we kissed a few babies

…we went to the canucks’ home opener (when they lost – yay!)

…we welcomed my best girl to her first canadian thanksgiving table

…we harvested pumpkins

…and then we carved them (well, one. his was huge, all right. also? half-rotted. boo hoo.)

…we celebrated the birthday of the most amazing man in the world

…and we ate lots

…and lots

…of cupcakes.

with october now behind us it’s time to look ahead. we have little that can be written on the calendar, but last month started out that way, too. the great thing about a clear calendar is, of course, the freedom it offers. our slate is clean and wiiiiide open. (well, except for that one weekend when kevin is traveling…) may adventure (and/or complete relaxation) ensue!

all that said, the calendar may be clear, but the agenda is not. as usual, i am looking at life and contemplating change. three commitments commenced with the beginning of this month and i’m sure i’ll be floating other ideas here in coming weeks.

for now…

  • this whole blogging everyday thing – anybody else on board with nablopomo?
  • 30 days of yoga – my practice was supposed to start october 18th. luckily, i got paired with the other rule breaker in the group. she helped me decide to join her in moving our 30 days to start today instead.
  • an online group program/course about which i’m not quite ready to share details. it’s six weeks long and is completely based on making a pretty big life decision. you know me, i can’t keep it secret long. i just need to get comfy with it first.
each of the endeavours brings with it great excitement and (i’m hoping) the gift of focus, too. i once talked about doing one thing at a time, but it wasn’t as easy as i’d hoped. here’s my opportunity at a do over! i’m learning that life might never slow down, but i can.
so? what do you have planned for november??

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  1. It seems like the weekends never slow down for me. Girls weekend on Mt. Hood this weekend, Ashtin’s birthday party the following, parties here and there and then Thanksgiving weekend in which we’ll probably go wine tasting. Before I know it, December will be here with a whole new calendar of events.

    So glad to see you putting your best feet forward in November. I like it best because it has an N at the beginning. 🙂

    Thanks again for hosting me in October. I had a good time. And those cupcakes? YUM!

  2. Personally, I loathe November. It’s the beginning of the end, the start to the rush and busyness of the holiday season, and the start of 2 months of trying to figure out how we’re going to pay for a huge myriad of things that all come due in 8 weeks with 4 paychecks of normal size. In short, it ends up being no less than a huge headache.

    Add into that the loss of Fall and the start of winter, the beginning of the torture that is a 45-mile commute through the hinterlands of Iowa, attempting not to get killed or end up in a ditch, the beginning of “sickness season” and avoiding everyone and anyone, and the doom, gloom, and dread of family gatherings and all the stupid politics that come with that.

    Oh, and holiday advertising, shopping, and stores decked out in shit only meant to entice. And the ridiculous amounts of cheesy music, stupid fake smells of the season, and so forth.

    I’m not a grinch, I just play one in November. 😉

  3. What is it they say, Mr. Pralle? That opposites attract? I have no problem believing that you and I could take the same scenario and come up with exactly opposite positions on it. You gave me plenty to think about, however, and I’ll likely reference that a little later on this month, when I can formulate my reaction more articulately.

    On the subject of cupcakes, Ms. Dex, the pumpkin chocolate chip ones with the swirly icing were a HUGE hit with all who tried them. I’ve already received two orders for more!

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