sunday morning revamped


sunday mornings used to mean me on the couch with a coffee mug in my hand and football on tv. truth is, the only nfl game i’ve watched so far this season has been the one i was at. sunday morning has evolved into something completely different. though, allow me to say right now: go falcons! (some things will never change.)

this morning’s project: dijon balsamic kale chips

somewhere along the way, i became an early riser. this means i am always awake by seven am and out of bed before eight or nine. even after a saturday sleepover, this give me a few hours on my own in the apartment and i always choose to spend them in the kitchen. sunday morning is when i get time to prep for the week ahead. without putting the effort into preparation, our weekday eating wouldn’t be anywhere near as healthy as it is. depending on what i have on hand, i may spend my time making muffins or bread, dressings or soups. sometimes it’s just a matter of cutting up fruit or veggies to pack into lunches.

the recipe made a lot of marinade, much more than i needed to coat the single bunch of kale i had in the fridge.
fortunately, it’s delicious so i’m keeping it around to spread in lunch wraps or on toast during the week.

i often remember my first naturopath’s advice upon my decision to make some sort of change to my diet back in the day. she told me that the success of any change in eating habits depends on a commitment to preparation. she was a big advocate for packing healthy snacks whenever it was necessary to leave the house. i took her counsel to heart and food can can quite often be found floating around in my purse.

my mom has very healthy eating habits. growing up, she raised us to choose good foods and emphasized the importance of a balanced diet. i am so thankful for that kind of upbringing because i think it gave me a step up when it comes to eating well. good habits were so ingrained in me that quite often i don’t even realize that they are different from anyone else’s. i often hear comments from friends (and sometimes professionals) about my everyday eating and it serves as a reminder of how blessed i am to have been educated so well by my mom.

super sweet melon
i’m well aware of the health benefits of melons, but they’re still the one food i list as a dislike.
somehow this one seduced me in the produce section this morning so i brought it home despite not being a fan.
it’s super sweet. i love things that are super sweet, namely people. 😀
adding a new nutritional food to the roster couldn’t possibly be a bad thing.
i’ll try to choke it down and see if we can make friends.

the knowledge gifted to me first by my mother and later by chantelle combine to make it second nature for me to stock my kitchen full of healthy foods that are at the ready whether i need to prepare a meal or just grab a snack for now or later. by checking in on sunday morning and investing some time in getting ready for the coming days, not only do i make my already busy weekdays easier, but i also give my entire week a big nutritional boost.


i’m a pretty plain eater. i don’t take a lot of sauces or seasonings on my fruits and veggies. it’s pretty boring, but it’s never bland to me. i love the flavour of the foods that i eat and tend not to mask them with other stuff. to date, my kale chips have always been strictly oil, sometimes vinegar and maybe a little spice. just to try something new, i turned to meghan telpner for help. she keeps a virtual library of kale chip recipes over at her making love in the kitchen site. i chose the option that best suited the current state of my pantry, the one that didn’t force me out to the store for ingredients. if you dig chips of the kale variety, please take a run at the dijon balsamic recipe. i whipped up the marinade in my magic bullet and just poured it over the kale pieces. getting them dried out in the oven took longer than i’m used, but they were also pretty weighted down in nutty flavoured goodness. the tahini really dominated the interesting flavour of the chips and they’re so good i wanted to pack a little baggie to smuggle into the theatre with me this afternoon!


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