treating myself – my self-care shopping spree


part of the morning scramble to get as close as possible
yes, the bathroom sink

things are getting a little hectic at work so at the end of this long week i set out to do a few things for myself this weekend. there’s no sign of the workload letting up so i gotta be and get good where and when and while i can.

here’s the view from out my window as i was leaving yesterday morning. it was a little gift in itself.

i spent my friday morning in meetings. you know the 8am that spawns a 9am that splits and becomes something different at 10:30 which coincides with a conference call at 11 and then next thing you’ve lost your entire morning kind? it was like that. i appreciate each part of every meeting, but the pile on my desk only grew. it seemed an endless day, but those are a reality for me at the moment. at least i can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s now close and vibrant and much easier to focus on.

when it came to giving myself a treat, the answer jumped out a me via a tweet and i made an investment in myself: 30 days of yoga with marianne elliott. my month begins on october 18th and i just can’t wait! i’m working on creating a home practice space in my generous but poorly laid out apartment. i don’t want that to be the thing that gets in my way by being an easy excuse. if you have any tips or suggestions, please share.

of course, waiting’s no fun, right? so i’ll admit it, i also purchased another of meghan telpner’s guides. i am so thoroughly enjoying 21 days to health that i knew i wouldn’t regret picking up another package. hormonal balance is high on my priority list right now so i was pretty excited to find a guide named exactly that.

my midday found me a happy girl full of excitement and anticipation. little did i know, the most exciting part of my day was yet to come.


a week or so ago, while returning home from something (i can’t remember what) i spied a little corner placed store that was advertising vegan goodies. sure, new westminster has come a long way, but it’s still surprising for me to see something like this pop up especially where it did. i knew that i needed to support it and made a mental note to walk over there someday. the sign out front indicated it was called shine. how beautiful!

lo and behold, not a few days later, there’s the groupon and with it comes the fantastic news that there is yoga happening in this funky little space. woooo!

i signed up for a 6pm friday class to help welcome in the weekend and i hit the trail early because i couldn’t estimate the time it would take me to walk over there and didn’t want to be late.

the fall air is cool and brisk right now and it’s just such an awesome time of year! 35 minutes later, i arrived at my destination. this might have been awkward in another situation, but the space there is so marvelous i enjoyed the wait!

super comfy and cool seats to lounge in give a great vibe to the place

tucked way in the back is a teensy little yoga room that makes for lovely intimate little classes

i am totally in love. not only is the place great, but it affords me a good meditational stroll both before and after my practice. i am just so happy i found it! that they sell these is just gravy (in the form of vegan chocolates!) 😀


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