it’s amazing how many compliments a girl can get while walking around behind a bouquet of kale


of course, the compliments were all about the greenery.

after gobbling all of my remaining kale chips in an afternoon meeting, there was no way i was missing the farmers market yesterday. no, siree. this stuff that i did get my hands on was gorgeous. and it really was like i was walking around with a bouquet. you can’t imagine the number of people who stopped me – even other vendors! now i’m thrilled to report the store of kale chips replenished and just in time for our road trip tomorrow. 😀

in certain ways, kevin and i are opposites. while i was all giddy about kale, this is what put a smile on his face…

i took a girlfriend from work to the market for her first ever visit. i am willing to call it a success since we’d packed our shopping bags full by about the third stall we visited. the veggies are just soooo appealing. it’s hard to say no to any of them.

i’ve always loved the concept of eating locally. it’s just to appealing to know that your food didn’t need to be preserved, to know the route it traveled to your dinner table and to reasonably be able to go and pick it yourself. how comforting! and that’s not to mention flavour! garden carrot vs. store bought carrot. is there any comparison?

i’ll definitely miss the market once it goes into semi-hibernation after next thursday. yes, river market will be a great space for it and once a month is better than nonce a month. thing is, i’ve had it in my back yard all summer and i don’t have a garden of my own.

this week’s loot. cranberries! hazelnut flour! and check out those green zebra tomatoes…delicious!

did you know that locavore was chosen the 2007 word of the year for the oxford english dictionary?!?


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  1. Sad I’ll miss the local market by you. All year I’ve been telling myself to hit one up here, but alas. No. And then I just heard on the radio they’ll have one in the winter, downtown.. so I’ll have to check out what’s good then.

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