lemons & tomatoes


i started my today by reading up on the research i’d neglected last night. luckily, i woke up with 21 days to health on my mind and avoided getting behind. (that afforded me some extra time to avoid something else – getting out of bed.) interested in adopting some new, healthy habits? this is the way to do it! today was my day one so i can’t attest to too much take away just yet, but i have a good feeling about it, based mostly on the fact that i’ve spent a fair amount of time at the creator – meghan telpner’s website and it’s packed with awesome information. i’d recommend you check it out, too.

21 days to health is all about making healthy adjustments in life. each day, you’re charged with doing something new. i’ll confess to peeking ahead and, honestly, none of it is that big a deal! once you complete the day’s task, you tick it off. the next day you add another thing to the list. by the end of the program, you’re making 21 ticks per day. each task is backed with a page or two of reasons/facts related to the why behind it.

today ‘s assignment was simple: a morning refreshment of warm water, lemon and cayenne pepper. i’ve done the morning lemon water thing before, but never with cayenne. it was a pleasant surprise to see how the pepper suspended in water and a relief that i didn’t have to keep stirring it up. tasty, refreshing and cleansing. 🙂

as i sipped my tonic this morning, i contemplated our dinner plans. it can be a challenge for me to cook when kevin is such a devoted meat lover while i steer straight clear of the stuff. sure, he’ll go vegan some of the time, but tonight wasn’t originally planned that way. giving in to a craving i had on sunday, we’d already bought all the ingredients to make tacos. seriously? ugh. sure, it’s easy to create a his and hers meal and, oh, i am a sucker for them, but, come on. it ends up being meat/fake meat and tortillas with salsa. hardly something to brag about, let alone eat! so, i delivered notice that healthy was the theme for dinner, but i still didn’t know what would be headlining. as i sorted through sites belonging to the usual suspects, i was genuinely lost about my menu until suddenly it struck me: soup! it’s fall and the days have been rainy. what better way to relish that while warming up as well! (and you know what they say about great minds…my girl bex had the same autumn inspiration tonight.)

armed with a little more direction, i carried on my search. i finally knew i had a winner the second i laid eyes on creamy roasted tomato, garlic & onion coconut soup that was showcased by oh she glows angela just the other day. wow. this seemed some serious and irresistible business so on the way home, i stocked up on tomatoes.

i knew this was a bit of a risky play on my part. first, in my defense, let me tell you that in conversation just last week, kevin had sung the praises of tomato soup declaring it his favourite. now, i can ‘fess up: three of the ingredients listed for this recipe are on his do not eat list. i knew i was safe with the tomatoes because 1. see statement above and 2. the rule is that they’re okay when they’re cooked. the onions and coconut milk? well, that was a gamble and i knew i should try to keep him as far from the kitchen as possible. both fall into the what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him food group as he himself declared, though, so i wasn’t being nasty about it. (and i’m the one who gets the reputation as a picky eater?!?) he busted me on the onions, spying them in the pot during one of his kitchen visits.

qc: you said you love tomato soup.
k: yeah. campbell’s.
qc: it’s tomato soup!
k: but, i’ve never tried that one.

the look of trepidation on his face as i handed him his first dinner bowl was adorable. (had he not loved it and asked for seconds, it would have been as annoying as all get out, i bet.)

the soup was phenomenal. although it took a lot of time to make (i left my tomatoes to roast for just over 1.5 hours,) the actual effort was minimal. i blended mine to smooth and threw in some croutons i’d made earlier.

voilà. the perfect accompaniment to tonight’s episode of new girl. oh, that jess…<3


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  1. I’m so happy we are on the same page. As much as i love summer, just the other day I was telling someone, “Who cares that it’s fall? I’m done with being disappointed in the lack of sunny weather, bring it on, I’m ready for it!”

    Your soup sounded every bit as delicious as mine. 🙂

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