sometimes life just takes control and shows you who’s boss.

the second i closed the door behind me this morning, i knew something was wrong. the tiniest bit of care would have ensured i had my keys with me on the other side. i slipped my hand into the pocket of my raincoat and, just as i suspected, those weren’t my house keys in there, but my office keys. (yes, i have enough of each to keep them on different rings, thankyouverymuch.)

when i told kev about it, he asked “how did you feel?” ugh. i told him the truth. “i panicked. then i got over it.”

feelings are much like waves. we can’t stop them from coming, but we can choose which ones to surf. ~ jonatan mårtensson

standing there in the still and quiet early morning hallway, i assessed my options. sure, i could be the victim in this situation. i could curse the return of monday or my early wake up call. i could count all the ways that things don’t go as planned à la just my luck... i could ride the wave of anxiety i’d initially felt and spend my morning frantic over who would be willing to come to my place and bail me out, imagining every possible inconvenient outcome. i could let it ruin my day. or i could just let it go and see how things worked out.

the final option has not, to date, been my style. nope, even though i consider myself an established optimist in most circumstances, i often have a tough time coping with change or unexpected circumstances. i get antsy and uncomfortable and i can’t really think straight.

but here’s the thing: with just a little awareness and effort, that’s happening less and less frequently. nope. this morning, i just shrugged, smiled to myself and off to work i went. progress!

and guess what? everything *did* all work out and even though today was kevin’s gym day, i didn’t need to disturb his plans. coincidentally, my mom and i had some business to do this week (tv buying, yo!) and, as the other key holder, it made convenient sense to have her come into town and take care of that today. yay!

turns out that as good as calm feels, it’s even better when you’ve worked for it.

cute, no?
yeah, i shamelessly stole it from here.

so then the mail started rolling in. two particular blog posts that arrived in my inbox completely brightened my entire day.

how to write 300 000 words in a year by chris guillebeau – sure, i’m pretty consistently in awe of chris and i’d love anything he wrote, but this was somethin’ special. yes, his travel is extraordinary and his ambition is infectious, but this hit home. it was about writing. everyone fancies themselves a writer, no? to a certain sect of the population, it’s the most appealing (and common) dream. i guess it’s the hard work that gets in the way. guilty! as chris encourages the reader: “Make your art your obsession. Fall in love with it. Experience withdrawal symptoms when you don’t give it your attention.” aye, aye, captain. 😉


elephant in the room at living in the (k)now – “Everyone, including ALL parts of us, wants to be recognized. That is one of our essential needs in life – the need to be SEEN. Recognition of the soul is vital to our wellbeing. … The minute you say YES to whatever situation you are in, pleasant or unpleasant, you have essentially said to the Universe, “I trust you. Everything will be ok” and then… things do end up ok.” it echoed my experience in the morning and it was kinda cool to feel so connected to sweet thais.


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  1. awwww Carly what a beautiful post and i am so glad my blog spoke to you! i am proud of you for not getting anxious ab a situation that years from now you would have hardly remembered. Except because of the decision you made, i would highly recommend you DO remember it and every time a situation calls out for your anxiety, notice that, and then just be ok. isnt it AMAZING how just that slight change in attitude affected your ENTIRE day?? awesome stuff my dear friend ❤

  2. Good perspective on key entrapment. I would have probably freaked out about it, but then why? What can you really do? Worry about it later. Two things.. 1) teach sneaky Kemah how to open the door or 2) stash a spare set of house keys at the office?


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