out for a drive


this is something that kevin and i have started doing more and more often. when we have no place to be and nobody to answer to, we’ll hop in the car and hit the road. with just a vague direction and no specific destination in mind, we wing it through the day and see where the road takes us. this is something my folks used to do. they’d pack us kids into the backseat and take off. we hardly went as far kev and i branch out, but it’s still such a fond memory. it’s like we’re wanderers. or gypsies.

❤ goofing off lakeside ❤

kevin just spent four days in harrison hot springs last week for work. while he came home with a lukewarm opinion of the resort, the town as destination was still his suggestion. excited at the prospect of dipping into the therapeutic hot springs, i agreed and made sure that we both brought swimsuits along. the drive out that way is pretty remarkable, a combination of farmland and riverbed. gorgeous. coffee and conversation made the trip even more enjoyable.

this looked like a good little place to eat our lunch
sasquatch park

after we did a drive by (through) of harrison hot springs’ little town, we charged further on. ahem, who could resist visiting a place called sasquatch?!? especially when it’s a stone’s throw away. turns out, sasquatch is a provincial park.

i’d packed us lunches before we left and we dug into our brown paper bags at a picnic table beside the lake there. it was calm and quiet and beautiful. once we’d finished off our sandwiches and fruit, we strolled around the area for a while. the water was littered with dead salmon (sans eyes – ick!) we weren’t sure what that was about, but i certainly hoped it was just some arc in the circle of life and not a sign of pollution or other disaster.

pretty shoreline flowers

after our short flirtation with nature, we hopped back in the buggy and returned to harrison. upon some investigation, it seemed my healing aspirations were not meant to be. the resort won’t allow access to non-guests, a shame since i’d heard form several people that (for a steep price) they do. the public pool is a tiny one, just like one in any community centre, but at three times the cost. plus(!) a fee for a locker. sigh.

exploring the back yard of the antique shop

a quick stroll through town and we were back on the road. we stumbled across a classic antique shop on our return trip and couldn’t resist stopping. there, amid commode chairs, wood stoves, rusted out golf clubs and the largest selection of salt and pepper shakers i’ve ever seen, i found a couple of owl-y gems to cart home. one lacquered art piece and a ceramic container richer, our next stop was at one of many farms along the way for the area’s specialty: fresh corn!

an excellent souvenir to bring home

i love a day like this, spent exploring, experiencing new things and enjoying each other. the freedom and the easy-going vibe slow me down and remind me of all the things i have to be thankful for and how happy i am in my life. ❤

these are a few random photos from our adventure. i’ve posted more on my facebook page. we’re not friends on facebook? why the heck not??


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