kale and maté – two four letter words


september is such an amazing month in these parts. unlike unreliable july or august, september, without question, brings the sun out in full force and the mercury just keeps on a risin’. another brilliant morning in the park and i doubled my run time. i’d talk numbers here, but even a drastic 100% increase still leaves me wanting for a duration that is not humiliating. no matter. it’s baby steps, baby. and our declaration of better living has made for an exciting and enthusiastic week. moving bodies make good food so much more delightful.

today’s lunch


speaking of delicious, mighty leaf rainforest maté tea makes getting out of bed worth the effort. i’ve been a little tea obsessed as of late and this is the shining star in my current collection. just the smell of it makes my mouth water and maté has a pretty stacked resume that’s packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. it’s an all around win.


today was a shopping day more than anything. two trips resulted in polar opposite experiences. trip one: costco. trip two: the farmer’s market. the former was all about necessity, the latter was for my soul. the big box box was stuffed with pantry essentials while green and black beans, beets, kale, yellow zucchini and leeks stuffed my market shopping bag so full that i had to carry the peaches and apples back home in my hand. i don’t know what i’m going to do with leeks or with the eggplants i picked up at costco, but i went with a sure thing for dinner.

roasted veggies and quinoa keep it simple (stupid?)
~ according to hello giggles it was national kiss day today ~


google kale chips and you’d see that it’s practically become a requisite post for anyone with a blog remotely related to food and/or health. and then some. long story short: nobody knew they liked kale, then they put it in the oven. me, i’m a big kale fan, though i only ever use it in raw form. trust me, mix it up with enough berries or other sweet fruit, add a splash of milk (alternate for me) and you’ve got yourself a terrific green smoothie. i’ve tried all kinds of combinations. what i haven’t tried with kale is cooking it. my trip to the market this afternoon inspired me.

who wouldn’t feel inspired? look at those colours!

peruse a few recipes and you’ll find out there are a million different opinions on how to spice it up once the greens have been baked to crisps. i went with a combination of salt, garlic powder and paprika. my initial impression of the final results: not bad. kale chips have three factors workin’ for ’em. they’re snacky, tasty and they’re healthy. even more appealing, you could make them in your sleep!

wash the bunch. dry it. tear each leaf into pieces. massage your future chips with olive oil. arrange the kale on a foil lined baking sheet. throw it in the oven.

thoughts on times and temperatures vary as much as the post-bake seasonings. i decided to wing it, opting for 350 degrees for about twenty minutes.

see what i mean? child’s play. that’s why this experiment is just beginning. a few future considerations. the best of the bunch.

do you have any tips for my foray into kale dehydration? revolutionary recipes involving my random and somewhat obscure produce?

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