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my morning’s gone a little like this: walk peppered with spurts of running, blueberry muffins in the oven, codes and keys on repeat and a delicious smoothie of local peach, blueberries, spinach and a very not local kiwi to add a little foreign je ne sais quoi. i know. a brutal wednesday. if it helps at all, my apartment positively reeks of baking. 😉


interesting debate: how would you feel about a church with a website? would it make you less likely to attend? or would you find that more appealing?

i’m no churchgoer. the collected total of my religious experience probably couldn’t be closer to zero for someone my age. i have none. i could likely count on my fingers (okay, maybe some toes as well) the number of times i’ve stepped foot in churches for baptisms, weddings and funerals. lately, though, i’ve been giving some thought to attending church. more than anything, it’s a long-standing curiousity on my part. i’ve sometimes concocted a religious tour in my mind, an event that would find me sampling all the different types of churches and religious ceremonies out there just to see what it’s all about. i don’t get it, but now i want to. i can’t guarantee that i will buy in, but i want to explore at least.

kevin’s the opposite to me. while not super strictly religious, he was brought up attending church and carries those beliefs with him still. we don’t talk about it often. in fact, i had no idea that he prays on a semi-regular basis until he explicitly told me this summer.

i’ve never not believed in god. i’ve just never really needed to feel one way or the other. religiously, i’ve always just been entirely apathetic. now, though, i’m ready to explore.

when i asked kevin if he’d attend church with me, his first question was about which one. it seems obvious that starting with a church of his denomination would be a good first step so we agreed that i’d look around for one. this morning, i googled it (i mean, how else would you look around for a church?!?) and found one not too far from my place and emailed the link to that poor sucker him at work. when we spoke on the phone a while later, he told me “i’d never go to a church that has a website.” he saw it as some affront that implied advertisement or overstepped the acceptable bounds of promotion. for me, it seemed that a church should have a website in this day and age. my friend evey agreed pointing out several benefits via twitter.

  • what’s happening at the church: events and schedules
  • get to know the church: the staff and their beliefs
  • audio tools: sermons and music available online
ultimately, she says that she wants the information before hand so that she knows what she’s getting herself into before she goes. for me, i was just looking for that basics: time and place. kevin thinks that a new church is something to be stumbled upon. as much as that surprises me, i find it rather endearing, too.
i used blueberries that were very plump they deliciously exploded all over and inside the muffins. this might be the best recipe for vegan muffins that i’ve ever used. check it.

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  1. Interesting. I grew up heavily religious and have ditched the organized portion entirely now since….probably near on 10 years ago. I outgrew what organized religion could provide for me and my well-being, so I moved on.

    That being said, I’d definitely insist that a church had a website. To make meaning in your life, a church has to know how to connect — with its members, with its families, with its community. A good website is a great indicator that they have the capacity to reach out and touch people. True, you could get some sort of church that’s only out to get numbers and people in the door, but you’d not be able to tell w/o a visit anyway. Plus a church with a website is more likely to be younger, more progressive, more approachable. All the churches I know that DO NOT have a website are old, stoic, and cold. (unless that’s your bag)

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