partners in change


kevin and i had an amazing day today. without any obligations and no place to be, we each rose earlier than we might on a scheduled day off and hit the road shortly after ten in the morning. my baby took the wheel and we wandered all over the map. our travels took us through the farmland of the fraser valley and south into the united states of america. we moved from place to place on a whim, checking out the sites and enjoying the various views. so much of our enjoyment came from just spending time together. we talked and we laughed and we also agreed upon a few goals and daydreamed about how we’ll set forth on them.

as you will see, it is against my better judgment (and all resolutions!) that at quarter to one in the morning, i was standing in my kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil for tea while writing parts of this post in my head.

i’m not sure whether kevin and i are two people about whom you’d say they have a lot in common or only a little. we have our fair share and we also bring different interests to the table. at this point in time, one wave that we are both surfing is a healthy one. after a long summer – physically and emotionally – we are each facing our first opportunity at relaxation in months. adding regular life with tending a relationship and, for all intents and purposes, (did i ever tell you that a woman i used to work with would always say ‘intensive purposes’?) three lacrosse seasons (one of mine and two of his) equals exhaustion, let me tell you. and exhaustion equals laziness. we’ve hardly been idle, but lazy has shone bright and through in the sleep, eat, exercise arena. ugh. i swore i never wanted to hear about another arena again…until next summer. 😛 in our defense, we didn’t mean to be, but for a few weeks in august, it is no exaggeration when i tell you that i left for work in the morning with a bag packed with enough food and clothes to endure the office, hit the train to meet k, travel to an arena, participate in a lacrosse game to varying degrees and come home again, but never before ten pm. i was out of the house for a minimum of fifteen hours a day every day of the week. doing anything well went out the window. as a result, we’ve both suffered. healthy food and a good night’s sleep became distant memories and in the recovery that has been the two days since kevin got home, we’ve yet to start catching up. instead, we’ve just been enjoying each other and remaining stress free. today did wonders for that.

pesky life, as always, soldiers on and with it, we must move forward. today brought a lot of discussion about regaining healthy habits and how to facilitate that. enthusiasm was contagious as we bounced ideas about our healthy future off one another. how fun to have a partner in crime, committed to the same (however personally tailored) goals and willing to mirror support, faith and change. all that in a lover whom i adore. lucky me!

i will be doing yoga and walking/running again. he will go back to the gym. together we will cut down on sugar and take care to eat reasonable portions of healthy foods (including a few meat free meals each week.) we’ll also experiment with the one factor i believe to be the most fundamental and powerful of all – sleep – and getting enough of it.

excitement snowballed as we prepped for our goals. hitting the outlet shops, i picked up some great new pants to practice in, a great pair of zigs (they really are heaven in your feet!) and a funky “every day is game day” tee. he got a new gym bag, some socks and a water bottle. we are ready. we are set. we are going to take back our world.


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  1. So very inspiring! I’ve been slowly embarking on the same exact mission. Focus, focus, focus. I’m here to support you as well in whatever capacity you need (as much as I can do from 300 miles away!)

    Goals are often made and unattainable, yet I believe in you and what you’ve set forth as your mission.

    Miss you and looking forward to seeing you BOTH soon!

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