it comes from the strangest places and sometime when you least expect it, doesn’t it?

with vacation reality setting in – it’s been a year since my last one, time off and I needed to get reacquainted – my last two mornings have consisted of leisurely hours spent with coffee and book/iphone and now ipad since kevin’s home again. (yay!) there are a few things i love about my bedroom and i am reminded of the primo feature these days – the sun shines straight in the window for the first half of the day. it’s fabulous! if you could see the cats curled around me, you’d see that both of the girls agree.

as mentioned, kevin made it home yesterday. super boyfriend that he is, he snuck onto an earlier flight than i knew about and rolled in all non-chalant and hours before i was expecting him. i love surprises!

after an hour or two of catching up, we hit the theatre to catch the premiere of the mma film, warrior. know me and know the subject of the movie is so not up my alley, but kev recognized the weakness of my bliss in having him back and pounced. i said okay before i asked what we were seeing. (i was so happy to see him, i’d have followed him anywhere!) i declared “if i see so much as one single drop of blood, i am outta here!” he sold me on it, sharing that the reviews he read compared it to the original rocky (i strike you as a fan of boxing movies?!?) and said that it isn’t so much about the actual sport as it is about the story. as someone on the other side of the film, i have to support him and all the critics who declared it first, it was a damn good show. and they actually did a great job of softening the violence and making the fighting palatable for a disinterested viewer.

so, that was one thing. it was two solid hours of people driven by various emotions and needs, but driven nonetheless. seeing others motivated sometimes really works on me.

this morning, i jumped in with both feet to tackle my email. i’ve been avoiding it for a few days and, as a result, it ran rampant. amid reviewing account statements, store offers and newsletter and website subscriptions, i found several installments of my faith, fitness, fun digest emails. there isn’t a day that i don’t enjoy reading tina’s blog, but today in particular i found her space extremely appealing. and on and on and on i went while waiting for today’s festivities to begin. i encourage you to take a walk with tina. she’s a super duper uplifting and guiding light!


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