the best camera


the best camera is the one that’s with you.
images aren’t about dynamic range and mega-pixels, they’re about stories and moments.
~ chase jarvis

that quote struck me the first time i heard it. a very thorough friend was researching his upcoming camera purchase and shared it with me. even if you have the whizziest of cameras, what good is it if it’s collecting dust at home? interestingly, that is almost exactly what has happened in my house. i’ve become so accustomed to using my iphone as primary memory capture that i leave my snazzy camera at home…someplace…i think. i’ve actually even found that i prefer the photos that come out of my phone a lot more often than i do the canon.

another office friend made a crack a few weeks ago, saying that every photo someone (in that case, me) takes with the phone is instantly forgotten and never looked at again. when i put up a fuss, he challenged me asking when was the last time i’d looked at any of mine. in response, i flipped through my photo library and, yes, i had looked at some of them in the recent past. a lot of others brought a smile to my face as pleasant reminders. he was right, though. yes, i love the photos from my camera, but i don’t really ever get to enjoy them. and, as chase jarvis also likes to say…

what good is a picture if you can’t share it?

after perusing the catalogue at hand, allow me to share a few that i found.

baby bunny

mid-summer roses – they smelled amaaazing

jimmy eat world

first signs of spring

my very favourite view ❤

the bottom line, the lesson in the sentiment, for me, at least, is to use what’s at hand and make the best of what i’ve got. even when there might be a better way to do things, doing the best i can with what i’ve got is better than missing out on something entirely. sometimes the imperfection in the experience is exactly what makes it special. i try to look on the bright side as often as possible and this whole the best camera movement supports that decision entirely.

an experiment: as pointed out in the video, we all have cameras with us virtually all the time. why not make use of that? here, a photo taken each day by yours truly.


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