my latest obsession.

i spent the weekend stitching, hooking and when i couldn’t do either (like when kevin banned my supplies from the lacrosse game we attended,) thinking about yarn, knitting needles and crochet hooks. i’ve dabbled in needlework in the past, but i’ve never really followed through and learned any of it thoroughly. my return to the needle craft was fuelled by my friend katelyn‘s proud tweet about her completed crochet blanket. my previous dabbling has resulted in a treasure chest of beautiful yarns and, as the only granddaughter, i inherited an expansive collection of needles and hooks. excited by k’s enthusiasm and crafty work, i picked up the goodies and a book and voilà!

by the light of the television – multi-tasking!

for the experienced knitter, that little patch of yarn is child’s play, but for me, it was learning. while i’d mastered a knit stitch, i’d never attempted the purl. and there it is – proof! knit. purl. knit. purl.

amid my raging knit-fest on saturday, we wandered in to a book store where i finally found a needlework related book with my name written all over it. or, well, you know what i mean.


i already have the other stitch ‘n bitch books and they’re all pretty funky, but they’re knit exclusive. to date, i’ve only dabbled in either craft, crochet or knit, and have completed a couple of the projects, but tonight i dove into some crochet learnin’. hooks: points, throats, shafts, thumb rests, handles; yarns: plant based, animal based, synthetics; weights: fingering, sport, worsted, chunky, extra-bulky; balls, skeins, hanks… next up: action!


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