life is good, but it is also fast. a day spent doing unremarkable tasks or hiding away and killing time (sometimes without meaning to) turns into days, turns into weeks and then months and before you know it, it’s september. you know that quote credited to eleanor roosevelt,”do one thing every day that scares you”? this is where it hits me hardest. essentially, in the grand scheme of things and considering the fast pace of the world today, doing one noteworthy thing every day is a goal enough. this year, i’ve considered trying to do something to put each and very day on the map. success is debatable. i have been inspired to do more remarkable things, but daily? that’s pretty lofty.

since it’s hard enough to make every day count, it’s easy for me to understand how celebration has gone by the wayside. organization is a challenge, yes, but sometimes it’s tough to even just remember! i hate that. what i hate even more is that i used to be good at remembering important things and i used to be good at making them count. now, as a result of life, living the stuff that matters has taken a back seat.

after hosting my cousin’s baby shower last weekend, i am totally down with party planning. by my definition, a party doesn’t need to include a ton of people, but people should be made to feel good by effort and acknowledgement on the part of those who love them. everyone should feel like royalty some of the time. especially driven, i now have two projects on the go: my dad’s birthday and a secret little congratulatory festivity for the man in my life.

stuff happens and all of it should be noted and celebrated. birthdays are meaningful no matter what anyone says. i am taking it upon myself to get back to the way things were: birthday parties, christmas cards, easter baskets and valentines are in my future and perhaps i will make them a part of yours, too. ❤

and, speaking of parties and the baby shower we threw…some photos to display our work. meticulous attention to detail courtesy of sj, my mother.

the invitations we made (before we knew we were celebrating a girl)

crafted by sj, a sign to welcome little parker

prizes for games and a little ticket draw we crafted for guests

lots of pretty flowers as decorations

those were *my* blocks and, yes, *i* was responsible for the artwork on them

“pat it and prick it and mark it with a p…”

the spread

sj and the sleepy guest of honour

thank you cards we made for mom – we chose to match the pre-girl revelation colour theme


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