three simple steps


yes, i’ve recently adopted a do one thing at a time policy for life. while i’m still learning to 1. slow down and 2. focus, i can already see the benefits. i’m calmer and clearer and it feels pretty good. i diverted from that plan a little, however, when, on impulse, i grabbed a piece of note paper and a pen and jotted down three priorities for the time being. the way i look at it, one thing at a time is the way i (want to) operate while tending to my three distinct goals. (i’m not sure about what happens inside your head, but it sells in mine. :P) i didn’t take time to think about them, i didn’t agonize over goal setting. just like magic, they appeared to me out of thin air. (in the middle of an all day online training session – the most inspiring stuff comes at the oddest times, doesn’t it?!?)

  1. be nice. okay, i’m no cruella deville and this isn’t about being polite. my idea is to choose one person every day and do something nice for them: write a note, give a gift, do a favour. not so much strangers, but the people who make my world go around. birthdays aren’t the only time to show my love (and, let’s face it, even when a birthday rolls around, my recent track record isn’t showing such great stats.)
  2. yoga. inside my lurking an avid yogini. she’s just hiding behind a post somewhere. for the love of all that is focus, calm and flexibility, i need to dial her in again.
  3. simplify. the belief that one can’t be clear with clutter all around is pretty straight-forward. while some people are born with that knowledge, i’m just getting around to getting it now. when i refer to clutter, i mean it in every sense, namely: physical clutter (at home)  and emotional clutter (in relationships.) i have a lot of junk kicking around. i need to alleviate that and for at least the next few weeks, i’m making the effort in the hopes of progress and making simplicity a learned habit. i even found a great post that combines the wrath on clutter with a dash of priority number two. “the more stuff we acquire on a physical basis, the more space it takes up in our mind.” word.
i’ve been a lot about goal setting lately, as you may have noticed. i have absolutely no reason to complain about my life, but i also have no reason to suspect it couldn’t be even more blissful.
“change is the only constant. hanging on is the only sin.” ~denise mccluggage

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