a straight message from the baking gods


one of the traits that i unquestionably inherited from my mother is the desire to incorporate snacks and treats into celebrations and even everyday events. kevin can attest to that. often, when we’re driving out on a week night game day, i’ll unpack a little car picnic to help make up for the fact that we’ve both been working all day and, given the distance to most arenas, won’t get to eat something before play begins. this is, of course, more a factor for him than it is for me, but i like joining in on the delicious fun. often, while chatting about our days, i’ll peel an apple or cut up some cheese to pair with crackers and by the time we hit our destination, we’ve each had enough to snack on that we feel satisfied and he’s ready to do his thing on the floor.  as i said, it’s in my genes – in my case it’s a desire, but in my mother’s it’s a habit. i plan the details out every time, but i’m not always so good at the execution. case in point: friday morning. in wonderfully gender-specific role-playing, kevin was out getting an oil change while i stayed home to bake muffins for our road trip to victoria. i hadn’t planned on baking that morning, but in the days leading up, when i had planned on getting it done, i just didn’t. as the man would gladly tell you, the rush got to me and i was a little rattled when the car was ready and he swung by to pick me up.

for an entire week, i’d been dreaming about this concoction. i came across a tweet sharing this recipe for strawberry rhubarb muffins from jules gluten free website and couldn’t wait to make it. knowing i would never eat a whole batch on my own, i had to wait for kevin to get back to town and figured our trip would be the best opportunity. (see above: car snacks desire.)

yay for summertime produce! the strawberries are local from the market around my place and the rhubarb came right out of a friend’s garden around the corner.

a few modifications i made: i chose the non-dairy options, i used 3 tablespoons of applesauce instead of egg (or flaxseed substitute) and i only had all-purpose flour on hand. note: she’s not kidding when she says that the batter will be thick.

awaiting the seriously delicious sugary topping then ready for the oven.

this is probably the best baking i have done in ages. strawberry rhubarb muffins are off the hook. the only warning: not so travel friendly. the topping is crumbly and, without a plate underneath, you’ll undoubtedly lose some. just lick your fingers to make the most of it.


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