working the sm angle


i take great pleasure in seeing social media work well and properly. don’t get me wrong, it isn’t just about me basking in the perks that serve as fallout from the occurrence, it’s the satisfaction in being reminded that there are people out there who are doing it right. i have several first hand examples of this and, yes, most of them do involve me reaping some kind of tangible benefit. i’m happy to add another story to the arsenal thanks to this weekend and the magnolia hotel in victoria, bc.

when we first got to town, we decided to see if we could check in early prior to meeting up with some friends for lunch. it’s a pretty common practice among travellers, no big deal. the girl working the desk wouldn’t agree. she wasn’t handing out a really bad experience, but she was trite and condescending and i left feeling a lot disappointed in a place that from memory of a single trip a year ago ranked as one of my favourite hotels in the world. so, i did what i always do when something particularly good or bad happens (or, let’s be honest, when anything happens): i tweeted about it. sure, i was being a bit of a baby about it, but the run in was a rough way to kick off a weekend i was really excited about.

no matter. recognizing the reflection a publicized bad experience could have on the hotel and the potential reach of that story via the avenues i had access to, the manager opted to nip it in the bud. by the time we’d placed our orders at a restaurant up the road, he’d addressed the issue on twitter and had also gone far and above in making up for the initial strike against the hotel – he’d upgraded our room.

the fact is that his action didn’t change my experience, but it did replace the negative with a far greater feeling. we, as customers, felt like we had been listened to, that our opinions were valued and that this establishment really did invest in our stay with them. the hand-written note and box of chocolates waiting in our posh upgraded room were a nice touch as well.



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